Estoty Duel #30th Anniversary with an increased prizepool

Estoty Duel #30th Anniversary with an increased prizepool

Welcome to the Duel tournament!

May 14, at 17:00 CEST
Guaranteed prize pool – 500$
Anyone can donate & increase prize pool

Tournament admin:


Game Mode:

Duel Timelimit
Double elimination

Tournament maps:

Corrupted Keep
Deep Embrace
Ruins of Sarnath
The Molten Falls
Vale of Pnath


1st place – 150$ (30%)
2nd place – 80$ (16%)
3rd place – 65$ (13%)
4th place – 45$ (9%)
5-6th place – 30$ (6%)
7-8th place – 20$ (4%)
9-12th place – 15$ (3%)




•••Win bracket•••
Best of 3(BO3)

Best of 5(BO5)
+map to the winner of the WB

•••Loser bracket•••
Best of 1(BO1)
Best of 3(BO3) = final

Players of all skill levels are welcome to play.

At the request official of streamers – invite them to the lobby.

All participants and streamers of the tournament can restream each other.

Insulting & unsportsmanship conduct = technical defeat and ban. rules extend to the tournament. It is prohibited on Twitch = prohibited in the tournament.

Contact each other and gather in the lobby at or

The link is generated & first banned/picked by the player who is in the top line of the table on the site –

The server is selected by mutual agreement of the players, if you cannot agree, choose a server where the minimum ping difference between players and the lowest pings of the players. If you still can’t agree, write to the tournament administrator.

Mark the final result of the match on the website. If you made a mistake while adding the result – contact the tournament admins by writing to PM or in the #general-chat discord channel to correct the result on the website.

If during a game a player leaves the server and more minutes of the match time have passed, the match is replayed, the remaining time and the score is saved.

If a player does not appear for the game or cannot solve technical problems within 10 minutes, he will be awarded a technical defeat in this match.

Stream, record games, take screenshots – this will help in resolving controversial situations.

Prize payments are made using Create an account and enter the corresponding tournament.

All champions are required to participate in the tournament.

Want to stream a tournament? – write to the admin, he will coordinate and explain further actions 🙂

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