Quake Challengers Stage 2, Week 3

Quake Challengers Stage 2, Week 3

In this week of Quake Challengers we had some outstanding games in NA, there were a lot of early good fights when in Rounds of 16, the challenger zombie played d3th with the latest taking the victory, semifinals had known players with chance,blazin, d3th and boots.

Boots has been playing a lot lately and it paid off as he booked a spot to the finals along with chance, finals was 2-0 for chance.

In Europe we also have another players that recently returned to the scene and keep improving as mystroHELL keep fighting and reaching the semifinals where he lost to inzaaa also a newcomer in the Europe Scene.

One of the players that played most of Stage 1 qualifiers and almost got a spot in the finals was Silencep, he still continues to improve as he win this qualifier to get into the finals along with the 2nd place inzaaa.

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