Stopwatch Browser Mini Game.

Stopwatch Browser Mini Game.

Try out this new interactive browser mini game to help your timing in QC. The people at have given us an out of game way to keep our timing skills up. This is a perfect way for new, or returning players who may feel like they are getting out played. Once mastered you can easily apply this to other ArenaFPS games as well. Just make sure you check their timings first.

Here is a copy of the rules: The goal is to click item’s area 2 seconds PRIOR to the scheduled respawn (you get a higher score than by clicking on a visible Armor/Health). This way you get to train your memory for knowing when to show up right in time for the pickup. For example, if you pick up Armor at 2:15, try to remember to click Armor’s area at 2:43 or 2:44.

You can follow their twitter here:

If you want to know more about Health, Armor, and Powerups, you can read our section about it below:

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