Quake Champions Quick Draw – Quakecon Community

Quake Champions Quick Draw – Quakecon Community

Join this Friday 19th at 7pm CT / 8pm ET for Quake Champions Quick Draw.

16 players will be selected, First-Come-First-Served, to participate in Free-For-All matches. The top 2 finishers of each FFA game will go on to battle against each other in a 2v2 TDM.

For your chance to participate LIVE, simply be present in the #📢 QUICK DRAW Voice channel in the QuakeCon Discord by 7pm CT / 8pm ET and wait for instructions!

If participating isn’t your thing, we welcome you to hang out with us here in Discord or at http://twitch.tv/QuakeConCommunity to watch the event live!

Image from QuakeCond discord: https://discord.gg/AHggsX6vME

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