Thursday Night Thrashers XII

Thursday Night Thrashers XII

July 29, 2021 @ 12:30 pm America/Chicago Timezone
Thursday Night Thrashers XII

Welcome to Thursday Night Thrashers July 29, 2021 at 7:30pm – (19:30) CEST
—–>>> <<<—–


Group Stagesets must be played on a server with the lowest ping difference between players.

Final Stage sets will alternate server picks.

Any un-sportsman-like behaviour should be reported to an admin through the TNT Discord Server. (Link above)
One warning will be given. Any further misconduct will result in a disqualification and permanent ban.

A tolerance of 10 minutes is given to all players before match starts.

If a player doesn’t show up after 10 minutes, their match will be recorded as a loss.

As per tradition, both semi-final games will be streamed and casted, and should not be played concurrently. Unless told otherwise, please be patient and wait for your semi-finals set.

Gamemode: Time limit duel
Time limit: 10 minutes.
Score limit: 100

Group Stage: 
Round Robin. Bo1. 4 Player per group.
Server must be lowest ping difference between both players.
The reported score is the in-game score.
Tiebreakers decided by Frag Difference.
TOP 2 players per group make it over to the Final Stage. (Yes, even if there’s only two players in a group)

Final Stage: 
Single Elimination.
Bo3 Rounds and Semi-Final.
Bo5 Grand Final.

Pick and ban format is ‘Timelimit Duel – QPL S2:S2 – Best Of 3’. (

Grand Final pick and ban format is ‘Timelimit Duel – QPL S2:S2 – Best Of 5’. (

The reported score is the number of Map wins.

Final maps default to Bo1 server rules.

Good Luck, Have Fun!

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