ASPAC Quake League #AQL – Season 1 by Kuachi Cups

ASPAC Quake League #AQL – Season 1 by Kuachi Cups

Due to the recent success with our Quake Champions RAW duel tournament, we have decided to run a duel league so everyone can get more games in! We will run it starting from August, there will be multiple divisions to include all skill levels, and we’ll be extending the invite to include our friends from the Asia-Pacific region.

Signups close Thursday 29th July.
Qualifiers start 2nd August for divisions 1 & 2. Divisions 3 & 4 will be selected by Admins.
Prize Pool: Currently $1000, funded by us at kuachicups, (anyone is welcome to add to the pool through our Patreon).

ASPAC countries only. All players must have under 140ms ping to ASPAC C server to participate.
Runtime will be 8 weeks including Finals.
You’ll be playing 2x BO3 matches per week (may vary).
4+ Divisions (dependent on number of signups), 12 players in each.
An admin will contact you for more details after you sign up.
Divisions 1 & 2 have a qualifier, Divisions 3, 4 (and 5 if necessary) will be sorted by Admins.
The top 4 finalists of Division 2 will play in the Division 1 finals.
3 Spotlight matches will be streamed each Sunday on our Twitch channel. The winners of these matches will win $20 each.

Register here: (will close July 29th):
Divisions 1 & 2 Qualifiers Registration:
Divisions 3, 4 (and 5 if necessary) entry registration:

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