Challengers Stage 4 Finals

Challengers Stage 4 Finals

The Challengers League is wrapping up Stage 4 with the final bracket this weekend. The top two for each region will go on to play for the championship against the Quake Pro League players in 2 weeks.

Shoutout to the community who continually picks up the torch to broadcast the matches of the challengers league. This weekend will be no different with several members of the community planning to shoutcast the matches. Keep your eyes on twitch to see these games play out.

Contenders from Europe are:

  • Week 1: myztroHELL and MyztroGaRpY
  • Week 2: bukzter and inzaaa
  • Week 3: vldStone and enesy
  • Week 4: ARSENY_ and Troolzy
  • Week 5: Xron and Silencep
  • Week 6: dmtvCHERRAzz and PASITA
  • Week 7: klybi4, strongest___, Xuz777,and Sev110

Contenders from NA are:

  • Week 1: sib and Holdennnnn
  • Week 2: Duefist and kmflame
  • Week 3: maxter and chance
  • Week 4: twitch_ and laloking360
  • Week 5: Aaron286 and RoyalRuby
  • Week 6: Oliokath and Korssa1r
  • Week 7: FestiveTurtle, Supremegti, deathr0w, and bzar

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