Vanity Weapons


The classic melee favorite. An excellent way to humiliate your opponent, though it should only be used as a last resort.

The QUAKE 3 Gauntlet is back. Humiliate your opponent, and remind them who they are messing with.

The QUAKE 4 Gauntlet doesn’t have to be a last resort, but when you’re down and out you can always look towards it for some vindication.


The Machinegun is simple, but reliable. Its automatic fire is useful for keeping a stream of damage on an enemy. One of the base starting weapons

This street modded energy pistol is an improvement upon the standard Marine-issue QUAKE 4 Blaster with its charge shot function replaced with a maglev accelerator, for an increased rate of fire, and an added nifty heat shield to dissipate the residual heat. Cpl. Matthew Kane isn’t the only one around here capable of taking on a few upgrades.

Excavated from an unmarked grave just outside Terlingua, a small Texas ghost town, this ornate fully automatic perplexed assessors. Too advanced for its age and forged from metals of unknown origin.


The single-barreled Shotgun does moderate damage and fires only a handful of pellets, but has a tight spread. Great for close to mid-range fighting. One of the base starting weapons.

This classic Quake Shotgun may be a basic gun, to which all other guns should compare favorably, but it has always been dependable and brought you good luck.

Sold at an auction, this unique flintlock shotgun was obtained at an estate sale in Virginia. The locals only knew him as Old Man Walter, uncertain if he had any living family.


The Nailgun fires a stream of nails that can eviscerate enemies. While slower than the Machinegun, it also deals greater damage. The nails are projectiles, so remember to lead your target. One of the base starting weapons.

The classic QUAKE Nailgun fires nails from two barrels, alternating between the two with each shot.

Heavy Machinegun

Faster and more powerful than the base Machinegun, the Heavy Machinegun is an upgrade that can make quick work of your enemies.

When nothing else does the job, Old Painless is waiting. The Quake 2 Chaingun will make mince meat out of your enemy.

The QUAKE 3 Machinegun was brought from a dimension of eternal battle, where combatants fight for the amusement of merciless beings.

Used on all galactic fronts, the Space Marine Corps Annihilator is a space marine’s best friend. It punches holes through enemies like they were paper.

Limited edition Heavy Machinegun, available only during QuakeCon!

Super Shotgun

An upgrade to the Shotgun, the Super Shotgun deals much greater damage but with a wider spread. Useful for close combat and finishing off your opponents.

This classic Quake Super Shotgun is a worthy weapon. Once you find this puppy, the other shotguns start to rust from disuse.

Like a Berserker bursting out of a monster closet, the pump-action QUAKE 2 Super Shotgun likes to get up close and personal to its target, only to obliterate it.

Recovered from the Strogg Medical Facility, this QUAKE 4 Shotgun is exactly what the doctor prescribed. Take two of these, 12-gauge shells, and see me in the morning.

This alternative to the Super Shotgun is engraved with the images of its victims. Well, after their skin was boiled off.

The DOOM 2 break-action double-barrel Super Shotgun has been to Hell and back. It’s old, beaten, and packs a mean punch.

Take down every usurpers and false idol with the Marauder’s Shotgun from DOOM Eternal.

Super Nailgun

The Super Nailgun is a powerful upgrade to the Nailgun. Its high rate of fire and raised damage output makes it one of the most powerful weapons you can pick up, generating the highest damage per second.

Shred enemies to pieces with this beast of a nailgun from classic QUAKE.

This Quake 2 Hyperblaster is an energy chaingun that fires a constant stream of lasers towards a target.

The QUAKE 3 Plasma Gun returns, upgrading your standard issue Super Nailgun with plasma nails that rapidly consume its energy… and your enemies.

The QUAKE 4 Nailgun is a reclaimed experimental Strogg weapon intended for Tactical Strogg use. Compact, but still extremely deadly. The fired nails will shred enemies to pieces.

The Quake 4 Hyperblaster is a tubular, fully-automatic energy rifle that fires powerful, fast-moving plasma bolts.

Pelt your enemies with a barrage of snowballs with this winter themed SNG.


The Tri-bolt fires three rounds armed with timed explosives. Each bolt fires in quick succession, allowing the user to concentrate fire or cover a wider area as needed. Perfect for setting traps.

A slick alternative to the Tri-bolt. Fires three rounds armed with timed explosives. Each bolt fires in quick succession, allowing the user to concentrate fire or cover a wider area as needed.

A strange, alien weapon of unknown origin. Its elegant design is a stark contrast to the destruction it brings.

Rocket Launcher

The Rocket Launcher is a powerful projectile weapon that pulverizes your enemies. While a direct hit causes massive damage, the explosion will also damage nearby enemies. It can also be used to rocket jump, allowing you to quickly move around the arena and even reach previously inaccessible heights.

The classic QUAKE Rocket Launcher is one of the most powerful weapons found in the arena.

This monster of a weapon saw heavy use during the invasion of Stroggos. Its distinctive firing sound will bring your enemies to their knees.

Lost the lead? Lucky for you, winds are changing. Bring a devastating storm down upon your enemies with the QUAKE 4 Rocket Launcher.

Set your sights on something higher with this sleek Rocket Launcher. Solid rocket booster ignition and liftoff, T-0 to mid-airs!

Special edition Rocket Launcher, available to Twitch Prime members for a limited time.

Limited edition Rocket Launcher, available only during QuakeCon!

Nothing says I love you like a heart-shaped rocket.

Lightning Gun

The Lightning Gun has perfect accuracy, meaning if you miss, it’s your fault. Hitting airborn enemies from below with a continuous stream will pin them in the air.

The classic QUAKE Lightning Gun will make quick work of enemies. Though archaic, the Thunderbolt is built of technology that far exceeds its age.

Powered by an unusual postwar artifact recovered from a destroyed volcanic outpost following the first Strogg invasion, affectionately known as the Eye of Ra, the Quake 2 Ground Zero Plasma Beam was our scientists little way giving the Strogg a taste of their own medicine.

Keep your enemy in suspense… at the other end of your sweet sweet shaft with this QUAKE 3 Lightning Gun.

The QUAKE 4 Lightning Gun is the latest in Strogg bioengineering. The cylinders on the side of the gun show how much ammunition is remaining.

A miracle of science and engineering, Dr. Tillinghast crafted this curiosity with no ill-intentions, he was merely fascinated as to whether it could be done.

Limited edition Lightning Gun, available only during QuakeCon! Incinerate your enemies in style with a unique orange lightning beam!

To Ranger’s pleasant surprise this glistening clawed limb, torn from fresh slaughter, still keeps a charge.


The Railgun fires accelerated slugs that cause massive amounts of damage. There is a lengthy cooldown between shots, meaning you may not get a second chance if you miss. Perfect for long distance attacks.

The QUAKE 2 Railgun glows with a distinct red light. It may look worn and beat up, but its distinctive blue corkscrew trail will still reduce your enemy to blood and bone.

The weapon of choice for Elite Tier-Z champions, the Railgun from Quake III Arena may be the finest crafted weapon this side of the Dreamlands.

From the weapons depot of Rhino Squad comes the QUAKE 4 Railgun. Mathew Kane brought this beast of a gun back from Stroggos just so you can assess your aim down its scope. How many can you take down in a single shot?

Reduce your enemies to bloody bits and ash with this variant!

Powered by NVIDIA GeForceĀ® Experience”!. Precision technology for a precise weapon.

Show that special someone in your life what they mean to you.

Limited edition Railgun, available only during QuakeCon 2020!