Community Column #8

Community Column #8

As we head into the US holidays, we will be taking a break with the Community Service stream and column for a week and will return on January 1st. Our new schedule will be to post community event postings and stream on Wednesdays at 2pm CST.

What to Watch

State of Quake season 2 week 3 for State O’ Sac is to be played tomorrow at around 8 pm CST. Tune in to see who will take their weekly match up.
Prize Pool Donations (taken all season long): Currently at $350

Where to Play

B100 Cup Stage 2 is open and ready for sign-ups. Brought to you by black hundred esports this Eu/CIs area tournament has a prize pool of 1st=100$/2nd=70$/3d=30$ + 100$ to 1st place player for winning in showmatch against b100 BaSe or Cooller.
Sign-Up: Here
When: 20/12/2019 at 19:00 CET

Rocket Jump Zone is bringing us their weekly cup, this weeks flavor is a TDM 2v2.
Tune in:

Quake Champions – Diamond Cup 2000 is the cup for players up to 2000 elo. 1v1 for Eu region. Play begins December 22nd 5 am CST.
Sign up:

Salty Splitoon is back this week for week 3 of season 1. This is a 1v1 TLD competition with points tallied based on performance and collected over the course of the season.
Sign up:

Quake Cafe is spicing thing sup with a 2v2 Attack and Defend tournament. Join in Monday at 6 pm CST no partner needed as teams will be made based on skill.


Black Hawks Clan is hosting a 1v1 duel tournament this December for the South American community. Sign-ups are open now and play will be on January 19th after the QPL matches complete. BHCTV will broadcast each match and BHC.Nosfa will commentate the Finals and 3rd place match.
** You MUST play from South America in order to participate in this tournament. **


The Helping Hands Contest is brought to you by and Razer. Clip your favorite moments from the QPL coverage and submit your clips to the twitter. At the end of the 10 weeks of Stage 2 play winners will be selected from the participants. Take the QPL downtime to submit your clips of previous weeks play!

Rocket Jump Zone is running a contest for the best moment of 2019 for their events. Check out the video and vote for your favorite below.